what sets us apart

What Sets Us Apart

Establishing the Foundation for Lifetimes of Healthy, Happy Smiles – One Child at a Time!

A child’s early dental experiences have a lasting effect on his or her comfort with dentistry. The more positive, worry-free experiences youngsters have, the more secure they feel.

That translates into adult patients who are at ease in the dental environment, and educated and motivated to care for their oral health.

At Drs. Schmitt & Saini Pediatric Dentistry, we understand the crucial role we play in the lives of our patients. Dr. Schmitt, Dr. Saini, and our team are committed to providing each child with advanced, stress-free dentistry in a safe, secure, and relaxed environment!

Our Approach to Children’s Dentistry

Your little one is our top priority: dental, emotional, and physical health is important to all of us and we will always provide your youngster with fully personalized care designed to his or her unique needs.

  • We practice One-to-One Care, where the child and family have one doctor who provides all of the care, at each and every visit. We do not have part-time or associate doctors, so our families and young patients can develop a true connection with their doctor. This continuity of care ensures a trusting relationship and fosters open, comfortable conversation.
  • We believe in prevention, both in the care we provide and the education we offer to patients and families. It is crucial to establish good habits, early, and to guide children in the best way to keep their mouths healthy and clean. We also offer nutritional and behavioral guidance, to encourage little ones and parents to make healthy, informed choices.
  • We offer safe sedation options, but don’t rely on them unless absolutely necessary. Instead, we build trust with our patient, using age-appropriate management and communication, to foster a safe and calm environment. This enables many children to sit still and feel in control during longer procedures, while we reinforce their behavior with praise and encouragement.
  • We are a long-established, stable practice, having opened in 1959. Dr. Schmitt’s father started the office, along with Dr. Wiley, who was Dr. Saini’s mentor. Our doctors are highly trained specialists: both professors who hold board positions in various local and state dental societies. They and our staff are skilled in the management of pediatric patients, including providing dentistry to children with complex medical, emotional, and developmental needs.